This is a brand new replica of the oldest known carved frieze, the 20,000 year old Roc de Sers. Nineteen pieces of the frieze were discovered from 1927 to 1951 and the originals can all be seen in the National Archaeology Museum in Paris. The original is about 10 m long and features horses, ibex, reindeer, bison, a figure that most people call a bison with a boar's head (although I think it just looks like a boar) and 2 human figures.  One of the scenes appears to show a human about to be rammed by a bovine.

Roc de Sers reproduction, with explanatory panels in French

A replica carved from real stone was unveiled in April 2015 at the site where the original was found.  It is free to access and has explanatory panels.  Open all year.  


Homepage (French)

Address: Route du Roc, 16410 Sers, Charente, France

Services: Free parking 670 m from site