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The Decorated Caves category includes caves, rock shelters, and outdoor sites that have engravings or paintings that are between 10,000 and 40,000 years old.  Sites with "Reproduction" in the title feature recreations of artwork from caves that are closed to the public.  All the others feature original artwork.

Dwellings are caves and rock shelters where early humans lived, but they are either undecorated or the decorated areas are not open to the public.  

Parks are outdoor attractions that show recreations of prehistoric life, with lots of hands-on activities and workshops during the summer holidays. Most also have a museum and some feature reproductions of nearby cave art. Perfect for families with children!

The Museum category includes standalone museums that house artifacts such as artwork, tools, and bones that have been excavated from prehistoric sites. Most of the museums are open year-round, and most are accessible to persons with disabilities.

Neanderthal and pre-Neanderthal sites are in their own category and include museums and dwellings.