Vogelherd Cave

This new park is the only one of its kind in Germany, a place to have a hands-on experience of the Paleolithic era. There are recreations of stone age dwellings, walking paths with facts about life in the Paleolithic, and the usual spear-throwing and fire-making activities. The small visitor's center has a gift shop, snack bar, and two carved figures found at the site: a cave lion and an exquisite mammoth. 

The Vogelherd mammoth (c.40,000 years old). It is finished on both sides, which is rare in carvings from this period.

You can also walk through Vogelherd Cave, a place of Neanderthal and Modern Human habitation for over 100,000 years. You can see the other figures that were excavated in this cave at the Museum Schloss Hohentübingen in Tübingen. 

Closed on Mondays and also closed from January 7 to February 7. The visitors center and the lower portion of the outdoor area are wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Archäopark Vogelherd


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Address: Am Vogelherd 1, 89168 Niederstotzingen-Stetten

Services: Paid parking, toilets, gift shop, snack bar