This cave was inhabited by paleolithic people from about 38,000 to 15,000 years ago.. And now you can drive through it!  A river wore its way through the mountain, leaving behind this cave, and now road D119 takes you right through it. There are cave paintings here, but they are not accessible to the public. The tour shows you the geological formations in the cave along with a small museum inside the cave featuring bones and artifacts excavated here.

The Musée Préhistoire is in the town of Mas d'Azil and it features many more artifacts from the cave and reproductions of the artwork that is not on the cave tour.

Guided tours only in the cave, tours are in French, with one English tour a day in the summer. Your cave ticket includes museum admission. 


Cave homepage (French)

Address: Avenue de la grotte, 09290 Le Mas-d'Azil, France

Musée Préhistoire address: Place de l'Eglise, 09290 Le Mas-d'Azil, France

Services: Free parking at cave, gift shop, toilets