This small cave, dating to about 14,000 years ago, is filled with amazing engravings. There are hundreds of engraved animals, including horses, lions, bovines, deer, bears, mammoths, and there are even some human figures. New figures are still being discovered amidst the tangled etchings on the walls. Only a fraction of these engravings are shown during a tour, but the most magnificent are the "drinking" reindeer, who appears to be lapping up water from a crack in the wall, and a stunningly detailed profile of a lion.

Combarelles reception building. Tickets are not sold here, but are sold at the Font de Gaume ticket office.

Guided tours only, 6 or 7 people per tour. Tickets must be bought at the ticket office of Font de Gaume and all tickets for the day are sold at 9:30 am. 50 tickets are sold each day. You can NOT reserve tickets beforehand!

I found this cave to be colder than most, so be sure to bring a coat. The tour groups are small because the passages in this cave are very narrow (it originally had to be traversed while crawling, so the artists exerted an astonishing amount of effort to make these images deep inside the cave) and you are very close to the walls and therefore the artwork. The small tour gives it a wonderful intimacy with the carvings, but if you don't like tight spaces, this is not the cave for you. You must also leave your bags behind a locked door inside the cave, just like at Font de Gaume. 


Hours and prices

Address: Font de Gaume ticket office, 4 Avenue des grottes,  24620 Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, France

Services: Free parking. No other services at the site.