Parking and reception at Grotte du Sorcier

Grotte du Sorcier should not be confused with Roc-aux-Sorciers, the sculpted frieze. Grotte du Sorcier is a small cave that has some wonderful engravings, mostly of animals. The star of the collection is the mysterious "sorcerer." This is one of the best engravings of a man that has ever been found. I have no idea why they call him a sorcerer, other than the need some people have to make everything that people did in the distant past have something to do with shamanism or religion. The engravings seem to date from two periods, the first around 19,000 years ago, the second about 5,000 years later.

The museum at Grotte du Sorcier

The cave is open from April to mid-November and you must take a guided tour. Tours are in French, but if the guide speaks English, they will usually do some of the tour in English if requested. Groups are limited to 12 people. There is also a small museum at the site showcasing some of the artifacts that have been found in the cave. Minimal fitness is required, there are some steps to the cave, but there is a handrail and the cave floor is flat. The last visit is one hour before closing time!


Cave homepage, hours, prices (in French)

Address: 24260 Saint-Cirq, between Les Eyzies and Le Bugue