This small cave, located about 40 minutes north of Bordeaux, features engravings that are about 25,000 years old. Its name means "odds or evens" and it was the third decorated cave to be discovered. The cave was inhabited over a period spanning 60,000 years and over 15,000 tools have been excavated. There are about 40 engravings in the cave, but not all of them are shown on the tour. There are horses, bison, ibex, mammoths, deer and the most famous figures, the two so-called "Agnus Dei" (Lamb of God) horses, because of the way their heads look over their shoulder like the medieval Agnus Dei depictions.

Guided tours only, lasting about 1 hour. Tours are in French, but there is an English leaftlet. There are 6 tours a day in the summer, 4 tours a day during the rest of the year. Reservations by phone or email are recommended.

Open all year. Closed Mondays.


Hours and prices

Address: Chemin de pair-non-pair, 33710 Prignac-et-Marcamps, France

Services: Free parking, gift shop, toilets