This is a small cave that doesn't get a lot of visitors. The name means something like "badaboom" in the local language and refers to the noise made by huge, crashing rocks that fell from the ceiling of the cave eons ago. Inside this cave you can see some engravings of animals that are estimated to be 14,000 years old. Long before humans explored the cave, it was the home of cave bears, whose bones and scratch marks can still be seen.

Parking for Bara Bahau cave. The entrance is on the hill above.

Located about 15 minutes drive from Les Eyzies, this is a great place to visit if you dread the long lines and crowds of some of the more famous caves. Tours are in French or English. Last visit is 30 minutes before closing. This cave only accepts cash.

Hours and prices (English and French)


Address: 24260 Le Bugue

Services: Free parking, English tours, toilets, gift shop, cold drinks, picnic area