The reception building for Abri de Cap Blanc

This rock shelter houses one of the great carved friezes of the paleolithic. Discovered in 1909, this 15,000 year old sculpture is reminiscent of the one at La Chaire à Calvin. It depicts horses, deer, and what could be bison, but it is unclear. It was open-fronted but it has been enclosed by a building in modern times in order to protect the artwork. The skeleton of a young woman was found buried at the base of this sculpture and a copy of the skeleton is at the site. 

You can see two fragments of the original frieze and stone tools that were excavated here at the Musee d'Aquitaine in Bordeaux.

Guided tours only, with a maximum of 210 visitors per day. Tours are in French with a written explanation in other languages. 

In the off season, half the daily tickets are sold at the Font de Gaume ticket office, the other half are at the site. In July and August tickets are only sold at the site. 


Hours and prices

Address: Font de Gaume ticket office, 4 Avenue des grottes,  24620 Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, France

Abri de Cap Blanc, off road D48, 24620 Marquay, France

Services: Free parking, toilets, gift shop