La Chaire à Calvin rock shelter

This sculpted frieze in a rock shelter is one of the few open-air sites with prehistoric artwork.  This panel of animals (mostly horses) is a carved relief that was exposed by excavations of the shelter nearly 100 years ago.  The site was inhabited by Paleolithic people and the frieze is thought to be about 14,000 years old.  It was originally painted; traces of paint were still present when it was discovered.  

Best of all, it costs nothing to visit! It is open all year and you can take photos.  This rock shelter is in a sort of run-down neighborhood. You will follow the road signs to "La Chaire à Calvin" and pull into what looks like an abandoned industrial site and you can park in front of the metal gate. You will see the sign pictured here, pass through the metal gate and walk for about 500 meters over flat, unpaved ground to the rock shelter. There is a fence that prevents people from getting too close to the frieze and there is a stone reproduction of the frieze outside the fence to help you figure out what is depicted. 

The entrance to La Chaire à Calvin. Walk through the metal gate to access the rock shelter.

The horses of La Chaire à Calvin


A reproduction of the La Chaire a Calvin frieze

Address: Chemin de la Chaire à Calvin, 16440 Mouthiers-sur-Boëme, France

Parking is about 500m from site.