Located about an hour southwest of Toulouse and 45 minutes northeast of Gargas, this museum is dedicated to the people of the Aurignacian era, the first modern humans in Europe. The Aurignacian era was the name given to the period from around 45,000-29,000 years ago and the artwork of the period includes Chauvet cave and the treasures from the cave of Höhle Fels in Germany (which can be seen at the museum in Blaubeuren). The name comes from a cave just outside the village of Aurignac, which was where the first artifacts from this era were found. 

This new museum displays over 300 objects from the era, including weapons, tools, decorated objects and bones, along with multimedia displays about this period of prehistory. But, even though the website has an English translation, the museum is all in French. 


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Address: Avenue de Benabarre, 31420 Aurignac, France

This is a brand new site, so your GPS may not have this address. The museum is located on the southern edge of town.